Boat Ramp Consulting by Tedder for Bristol, Connecticut.

Give us the opportunity to show you that we can save you the expense of costly design that may not be suitable for the designated site.

The first Tedder Boat Ramp system was installed in Marion County, Florida in 1985 with no additional maintenance required to date.

An exciting new design and engineering technique combine to create a new type of boat ramp system. So unique is this system, the Office of Patents and Trademarks in Washington D.C. has granted a copyright and trademark to its developer, Randall Tedder of Ocala, Florida.

The Tedder Boat Ramp system is designed for each specific site, allowing for exact dimensions and subterranean soil conditions. All ramps are constructed and designed to withstand corrosive environments whether fresh or salt water. The Tedder Boat Ramp System incorporates the use of epoxy coated steel rebars and 6000 psi pre-stressed concrete. By the use of this technique, all corrosive intrusions are reduced. This procedure meets or exceed the Florida Department of Transportaation's specifications for salt water enviroments.

Our system's unique design is the most consistently used boat ramp product in the state of Florida. With the elimination of continuous costly maintenance, the Tedder Boat Ramp System is ideal for cities and counties as well as for marina and yacht clubs that experince heavy boat traffic and power loading.

The "AS-BUILT" construction plans are provided with each completed system and they are signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer with expertise in pre-stress design. Years after installation, our system has proven to eliminate any additional engineering, maintenance or repair expense.

This product has a federal copyright and trademark issued by the United States Patent Office in Washington DC. The plans are the sole property of Tedder Boat Ramp Systems, Inc. and cannot be used for bidding purposes. However, the Tedder Boat Ramp System can be bid as an alternate ramp system or for a design build project. The Tedder Boat Ramp System construction is the only system, to our knowledge, with a five(5)year limited warranty provided at completion. The limited warranty addresses workmanship and materials but does not address acts of God such as sinkholes, tidal surges, etc., that should develop and over which we have no control.

Additionally, Randall G. Tedder Construction, Inc. specializes as a Marine Contracting Consultant with a registered engineer on staff. Our firm has been approved as a Sole source Vendor with the state of Florida DEP. We are experienced in all phases of Matrine Construction for both fresh and salt water enviroments.

If you are planning to recondition, replace or install a new boat ramp system in your area and we can be of assistance to you, your engineering staff, or any county, city or federal agency on any of your proposed project(s), please write or call, we will be glad to meet with you and your staff for a free consultation and give a 5 minute video presentation, discuss our system and answer any questions that you may have regarding a pending or proposed project.

Please feel free to contact any of the references provided for further comments regarding this proven and cost effecient system.